Let Me Introduce You to Henry

The day Henry arrived at the Davidson house will be a day to think on often.  My sister’s daughter, Olivia, had been dreaming of a dog for a very long time - a well behaved, beautiful dog.  A dog that was perfect in every way.  A dog whose coat shimmered in the sun.  A quiet, respectful dog that she could love and maybe spoil.

Her parents, having grown weary of their oldest daughter’s begging and pestering, finally said “Yes” to her request and she began her journey to find the just-right K-9 for their family.  It would prove to be a most profound life changing journey.

It was a gorgeous, sunny Saturday in Utah.  Olivia was now in college and returned home for the big event.  The girls of the clan, Shelly, the mom, Livie and Anna Grace, the sisters, all piled into the vehicle of choice and went to the local animal rescue shelter.  Olivia had made several trips to said shelter and knew which dog she could not live without.  His given name was Barney Fife, a Treeing Walker Coonhound, with a boat load of personality.

When the ladies arrived there was barking, howling and a general sense of something big was about to happen and all resident dogs wanted a piece of the action.  Viewing all those dogs available for adoption, “Livie” saw eyes saying “Pick me, pick me”.   But she remained focused on her mission, walking straight to the kennel destination of the perfect pet.  The mistress in control of the shelter looked the girls up and down and reluctantly but mercifully gave her okay for them to take custody of their new addition to the family.  They decided Barney Fife was now a Davidson.

The hound and his new humans jumped in the car.  Shelly, driving, and the girls and Barney in the back seat.  Anna Grace then experienced what can only be called an awakening to the true responsibility of inviting a dog to join their tribe.  Barney was overwhelmed by his new surroundings.  He began drooling and slobbering over everything his tongue came in contact with including, car seats, car windows, car floors and car people.  News Flash: Drooling and slobbering are 2 coonhound genetic givens.  Gracie quietly bowed her head and said “Lord help us”.

Their first destination was to be the local pet shop.  Barney needed everything a creature of his breed requires.  Food bowls, a bed, a leash, a collar, toys, etc., were all on the list.  It proved to be a very exciting quest for Barney as he tugged on his leash incessantly.  He was going to need some training very soon to become the perfected dog that the family had dreamed about over the months of waiting.

After their purchases were obtained, they set forth to the Davidson home to make introductions to the boys of the family.  Barney pushed, or maybe he pulled, Olivia through the front door and made his unforgettable entrance.  He slid across the floor, ran up the stairs, romped through the bedrooms and basically wreaked havoc.  Yes, Barney was definitely going to need some training.  But the first item on the agenda was his name.

The name Barney just didn’t fit this dog.  It was too archaic, too southern and simply not him.  This rambunctious, self-willed dog had to own his name.  It had to be a strong, independent name.  The father of this family, Russ, suggested the name Henry.  The clan agreed and Russ and Henry became best friends.  So a name change happened.

One of the stipulations of acquiring a dog was that he was to spend his time outside.  Never inside.  That suggestion lasted a hot minute, or perhaps a day or two.  Henry’s first night was spent on the deck outside with Olivia sleeping right next to him.  It happened again the next night.  And well, after that experience, Henry made himself at home in Olivia’s bedroom.

Henry weaseled himself into the loving arms of his family.  I could share story after story about our coonhound Henry but then you wouldn’t have a reason to buy his books.  Keep watching and reading this website/blog to keep up with Henry and his life adventures.